Dealing with loss of mum

I am still struggling after losing my mum 14 months ago


So sorry for your loss hun. 14months really isn’t anytime at all so please don’t beat yourself up. Take each day as it comes…losing a loved one is hard…
But when it’s your mum and especially if you were close…is so much harder.

This site is good. As everyone listens to you and are in a similar situation to yourself.

My mum also passed away 13 months ago and there are days where I just can’t stop crying. I was so close to her. I struggle with her last night…i was fortunate (apparently) to have her for in my home with us all. Yes, I was fortunate but it’s a constant memory…i relive her last night like a video on repeat. I wish my mum was here. Some people seem to think I should be getting better by now. Well I’ve got to the stage where I don’t want anyone around me other than my daughter’s. How can anyone think you should move on from losing your mum…especially if you were close.

I hope you have something that helps you find comfort whether that be a place or a item. I have the blanket which my mum had on her the last night. I’ve been away 3 times since mum passed and each time I’ve dragged the blanket with me. It’s my only comfort xx


Yeah it’s really difficult we brought my mum home from the hospital to her own home to die as that’s what she wanted. I miss her every minute of every day and sometimes think i see her out and about where i live. I live in England but am Scottish by birth so mum went back to Scotland to finally join my dad and it is hard that I can’t go to the cemetery to see them.

Oh that’s so sad. Do u get to go there often?. My mum was cremated so I have her with me. But either way it still hard to find comfort. Have u had bereavement counselling?. Maybe something to think about. But as I said earlier. …people honestly do think we should be moving on by now so we aren’t offered as much help as we did in the beginning.
I’m totally lost without my mum. She passed due to cancer. I was with her from day one of her diagnosis. I was with her through everything…every Drs/hospital appointments…her chemo and radiotherapy. I was the one who combed mum’s hair daily with lumps falling out into my hand…eventually we decided it would be best to shave it…which I did. Towards the end mum lost all her mobility…literally wasn’t able to walk so I would pull her legs forward one by one. It’s so so so hard. I’m so very lost. I honestly feel your pain hun

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My mum was feeling poorly and I found her in bed unresponsive, called an ambulance and I was told 4 days later that she had untreatable cancer and then had to sit with her while she was told…I can still see the crushed look on her face. We finally got her home and she passed away 4 days later, all in all it was 3 weeks from diagnosis to death. I too took her to have radiotherapy for pain relief. My heart goes out to you and totally understand where you are at

Hi I lost my mum coming up a year in March and I didn’t realise how much and I cry every day, I have had councilling not sure that helped and now my dad is in the hospice dying of cancer so I am a wreak and I know where your coming from x

Sorry to hear this Helen it’s hard trying to be strong and the clichés of being finally put of pain etc make me mad. Of course we don’t want people in pain but we love them so much it’s hard to let go. I don’t know how to make things better at this time as it’d just getting through one day at a time. Sending positive vibes and hugs your way. I am grieving for my mum who I lost 29 December although lost to dementia a long time ago. It’s hard but we will get through it and from losing my dad 30 years ago I know time does heal and the pain lessens and comes out less frequently but takes a while to get there so be easy with yourself x

It’s so hard losing your mum and now it’s mothers day and you have no mum to share it with…i miss her so much every day and wish she was here with me.

Hi helen, i lost my mum 15 months ago. Mothers day was awful hated seeing all the gifts in the shops its heartbreaking. I miss my mum every single day…not a hour goes by that i dont think about her. Ive had a tattoo done in memory of my mum, i dont like this new life without my mum i miss being able to tell her things, i miss her hugs, :frowning:

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