Dealing with loss

Good morning my name is margaret my mum died on the 4th of August I’m not coping I’m not sleeping sometimes I sit alone can you please reply back to me

hi Margaret
sorry for the loss off your real solutions,apart from maybe seeing your doctor ,he/she should be able give you something to help.i myself haven’t slept well since I lost my partner Jayne.mind racing about loads of stuff.i was told i could be given something mild to
help me sleep.but i refused as i didnt want be taking any other regards reasons behind not sleeping,have you had or tried get bereavement counselling thats another thing your doctor might be able to help you either giving you numbers of hospitals etc that might offer that facility.hope youve got family and friends support to help you a bit.

Hi margaret. Sorry to read about your mum dying. There are many of us on this site who speak every day regarding our mums. None of us are coping well and we get alot of comfort from talking to each other. My mum died suddenly of a brain hemorrhage on the 14th june. It would have been her 75th birthday today and I have had an awful 5 months trying to process it.
The others will come along soon and tell you about their mums.
Do you have support?

Hi. Jianye.
I agree about seeing your GP. Its should be the first place to go after bereavement. Not that you may want medication, but because they can advise on bereavement services available in your area. They deal with bereavement a lot, obviously.
It is almost inevitable that anxiety will enter the picture at some stage. After all, any life traumatic event will often trigger anxiety.
Counselling can be helpful at such times. With most people it will pass as acceptance comes about. But so often it begins a period of fear, uncertainty and lack of self worth. Our whole world has been turned upside down. ‘What’s the point’ we may say. So many memories; so much heart ache and so much remorse and often guilt. But it can be gradually seen in a different light. We have two choices. To go on suffering or to try and overcome the feelings, slowly and gradually. We will never forget, of course not. But we need to go on. For those who have family and children this is very important. They may not be feeling as bad as you, and kids are very adaptable. Who said life would be a bed of roses? Life can so often be cruel and harsh. But it’s still all part of this experience we call living. None of us knows even from day to day what awaits us, but if only for the memory of our loved ones who would not want us suffering we need to press on, to see that distant light get just that bit brighter, little by little.
Take care all.

I’m sorry for your loss. My Mum passed away 7 weeks ago and I understand how very painful it all is. It’s very raw and it is difficult to cope with. It will take time to come to terms with it all.

Jonathan, thank you for your wise words, they always bring me comfort.


Sorry for your loss. It’s such a difficult time. The pain is indescribable. I lost my mum 13 weeks today. I’m not coping well at all. But talking on here does help a lot.

Thank you for your reply Jooles. I am so sorry that you are suffering such pain and it is a physical pain, isn’t it.? I thought I couldn’t hurt as much ever again when my beloved younger brother passed away, how wrong I was. Coping with Stan passing is taking all my strength, I thank God for such places here on the computer. Love, MaryL