Dealing with loss

I’ve been feeling depressed on and off since I lost my mum in 2015, I’ve never really talked about it and don’t know how to deal with the loss. I feel like I can’t move on or enjoy my life without her. We were more like friends and we did most things together. I can’t do the things we used to do together because I find it too painful. My friends and family have been trying to get me to do bereavement councelling but I feel so nervous about it because it’s so difficult to talk about and it’s been a while since we lost her. I feel like I’ve got to do something to stop me from feeling this way.


Hello, your post dose point to you needing help to find any way to understand your grief. There’s lots of posts of people feeling like you after losing their mums. When we loss our mums it’s natural that a big part of us also goes but talking about not only your mum but how you actually feel is extremely important and I would definitely say try it, there’s really nothing to o loss. Both Cruse and Sue Ryder offer free sessions and some GPs can also offer NHS sessions. After the amount of time you have been suffering I think it is time you thought of yourself, be kind to yourself and give it a go.
Take care S xx

I lost mine in 2016 and I am still coming to this board so you are not alone in seeking her.

And I think that is what this is: we are looking for them in all nooks and crannies. I have the sentiment that you wrote … I was so close to my wonderful Norwegian mother.

I looked up to her endlessly … so did my American dad. I am sorry you still struggle but when you had great parents, it is a never-ending thing.

I am trying to reconnect with them all of the time … perhaps your grief and longing is trying to reconnect. Also, they say grief is like unrequited love …

I would seek counseling because the danger is if is goes too long so intensely, these are years you are missing out on … I am not one to talk because I have spent too much time grieving and not living.

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Please go to counseling. Don’t think about years etc. My therapist told me she has patients coming in who have lost their parents 10 years ago. Time doesn’t heal anything. I lost my mom 4 weeks ago but I will always be in pain. Always.
There are several people here who have the same story as yours and they come and participate here.
Take care. It’s a huge loss for us and something we can never recover from.

I am so sorry for your loss of your mum
You sound like you had the same relationship I had with my mum we were best friends too
I loss my mum 3 years ago and I have never been able to grieve for her
I know one day it will hit me out of the blue but right now I can’t as I loss my husband 9 months before her and I am still grieving for him

I did have counselling through my GP after my husband death and I like you didn’t want to talk a stranger about my feelings
I was angry I just wanted to stay in my wee bubble and cry
But I needed to talk my body needed to release all the pain I was feeling
They are trained in their job so that they can give you the tools to cope with life without your mum
They can’t take away the heartache nothing will sorry

If your mum had loss someone that she loved you would want her to get some help
You wouldn’t of wanted her feeling like you do right now
Sounds like you have a loving family and friends that care about you and know you are suffering
I know it’s a big step to ask for help
if you feel your not ready for that just come on this site talk to us maybe sharing your thought or happy memories of your mum if you can
Take care