Hi all i lost my dennis to heart failure in april after fourty eight years i have gone through all the heart ack that you have all been throught and still am ,but for a couple off weeks in october i found it all a bit bearable but this last month it has come back with a vegans and i really am having trouble coping i still feel as if i am in a dream ,cant eat cant sleep ,an i drag my self about daily i have gone from playing badmintont twice a week ,took walking group three times a week , and did yoga ,i now do none cant see the point,thanks for listening all take care

Hello Teresadeno I too lost my husband, Dennis to heart failure. When I heard patients with HF live an average of 5 years I was devestated but thought that was well in the future. Sadly my husbands heart failure got worse and he died at 10 months, 6th October. I am very angry that the NHS failed him when there was a possibility to save him and I cannot process all this. The devastation I feel is immense and I too think what’s the point. I truly empathise with you as I know what Heart Failure involves. Please message if you need to speak and I do wish you a peaceful day. Take Care.

Hi Tina thanks for repliying sorry about your dennis . I feel the same about nhs as my dennis got more breathless doc put him on med said he had pneumonia, well few days later he died sat next to me on the sofa ,my life and his gone in second ,then doc would not agree on his death so to stop them doing autopsy i had to pay to have a digital scan only for them to say what we already knew heart failure. Sorry for rambling on as i know how you must feel take care

Hello there I have sent a private message to you - hope that’s OK.

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Hi Tina that’s take care


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