Death is hard to accept

For years I have struggled with the loss of people (Mom and Dad, and of course others in my life) and I have tried to cope with the horrible feelings that we all live with from day to day. Sometimes I just can’t get my head round it and feel so sad with a mixture of thoughts, memories and emotions etc.

But now I have just had to accept its simply a part of this life and we have to try and deal with that. I realise of course some people depart from this life far too young and others go in such terrible circumstances. That type of grief must be even worse to deal with and my heart goes out to the people left behind who this has happened to. I sometimes feel there are different types and levels of grief as we all obviously handle it differently according to the age and circumstances etc of the people who’ve gone.

Many years ago I once knew an elderly Lady who had lost her Husband and Daughter, and as the Cemetery was local to where she lived, she would visit their grave every day. She would be out in all kinds of weather performing this daily act of remembrance. Not only did I find this act very touching, but I felt sad for her, and also found it mentally unhealthy too, as we simply can’t live with the dead. This Lady couldn’t deal with her loss and I felt sorry for her so this is an example of how some people deal with their grief.

I just wanted to share these few thoughts with others.

I live with the believe that one day I will see the departed again in another time and place.

Take care everyone


Hi @Robt1 ,

Thank you so much for sharing this with the community :blue_heart: I’m sure your words will bring comfort to others.

Take good care,

I totally agree that death is a natural part of this life which we have to learn to deal with, but i wonder whether the elderly lady you refer to is in need of our pity? Over the last few months on this forum ive learned grief is handled in so many different ways according to the individual. I dont know this lady, but just to put a different perspective on things, maybe that daily visit to her loved ones wasnt a sign of living in the past but was what gave her strength to carry on living the rest of the day? I write daily to my mum in my journal as it helps me carry her with me and feel close to her - im not sure i see that as being any different? I dont know the lady and maybe you have a better insight into her life but i just wanted to put it out there as a different viewpoint. :heart:


I don’t see how the lady’s activity was mentally unhealthy. It probably gave her a lot of comfort. Who is to dictate how and how much we continue to communicate with loved ones we’ve lost. I don’t really see how this post has a helpful place on this forum.