Death of husband

Please help, I feel absolutely desperate. Grief and trauma is pouring out of me.

My husband died in a tragic accident yesterday and I’m left alone to raise our 3 boys. I am so scared and so sad. He’s never coming back. I’m never felt such despair.

His oat covered the mortgage which I can’t even cover. I don’t even know where he is right now. The police left and that was that.


I am so sorry for your loss. No wonder you are scared. Your husband will probably be with the coroner but I am no expert. Have you family nearby? You will be entitled to some support from the government in bereavement payments. At this point you will be numb. Try contacting someone like citizens advice. Take all the support and help you are offered. At this point all you will want to do is howl but I realise with 3 children you can’t. I am sure there will be someone on this site who can help and has been through this. Xx. Sandra

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It will all feel overwhelming at the moment and you will be in shock.
Your husband will be with the coroner due to the circumstances of his death. The police left me details to ring so I would ring the police and ask for those details. Do you have support? I would suggest, if you want to see him, that you see him at the coroner’s, otherwise by the time he leaves the coroner it may be too late.
Please don’t do this alone. Reach out and get help from family and friends. There is financial support out there too.
I’m so sorry this has happened to you and your boys.

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@Khorstmann I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost my partner unexpectedly nearly 7 months ago.
The early days are so overwhelming. Just focus on getting through an hour at a time and take all the help offered.
Your husband will be at the coroner’s so I would contact them to see what is happening.
I found this site really helpful and I hope you find some comfort from it too. There will always be others going through the same xx