Death of mum

How do you cope. My mum, munchkin, died four years ago. I am sad every day. I can’t even type mum without crying. We had had a lovely day together, laughing and playing cards and she didn’t want us to go home but we had work the next day and had to go home by bus and train. Late that evening I get a call to say she is in hospital with a huge bleed to the brain after phoning my sister to say she had a bad headache. I just can’t move on, she meant the whole world to me.

My thoughts and prayers are with you. X
I lost my dad over ten years ago, my uncle recently. You never really get over it, you just have to remember that your dear mum wants you to enjoy life. She’s with you in your heart, her spirit never died, so show her that you can enjoy, love, and laugh. I truly belive that.

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Thank you Andy. I try but everything reminds me of her. I’m sorry for your loss. Since she passed Ive lost three of her brothers and sisters, a niece, a cousin and three friends it seems never ending at the moment. I only have my sister left but she lives quite a long way away and we are not good at phoning and she has her own grief to deal with. Thank you for replying x

My mum passed away in May 2015 6 weeks after a cancer diagnosis…i miss her every single day!
I’m not the same person I was but try my best to remain happy

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