Death of my mum

I lost my mum four months ago. It’s getting harder each day and even though I’ve got people around I feel lonely than ever. It was a great shock as no one expected her to go plus she was only sixty. I wondered if anyone had tops too cold especially at night.


Hi, I know exactly how you feel, I lost my mum just over 4 months ago and I don’t feel like it’s getting any easier. I’m still crying at some point of each day and I miss her terribly. My Mums death also came as a big shock to us all and even though she was older than your mum at 72 I still feel like she was too young to go. The worst thing for me is facing the rest of however many years I have left without her, that feels me with dread and deep sadness. It does help coming on here and reading how other people feel as sometimes you feel like it’s just you feeling the way you do. I also understand being surrounded by people but feeling lonely, I think this is because the one person we want in the world has gone and for me, whenever anything bad has happened in the past I could always talk to my Mum and now the worst thing has happened and she’s not there to talk it through with and talking to anyone else just doesn’t come close. Go easy on yourself and grieve in whatever way your body is telling you to. Take care and know there are people going through what you are and we are all here to help each other. So sorry you have lost your Mum, sending love and strength x


I feel for you luv my mum passed away 1st july feel so lost and empty without her :smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear:x


I’m to part of the club that none of us wanted or expected to be part of.

I lost my mum coming up 5 months ago now, I know what you mean about it becoming harder because I to find it’s getting harder, I guess the longer you go without hearing from them the more you miss them.


I’m 10 weeks in now and feeling a little better. Lost my mum aged 90 and I’m early 50s. I’m scared though I may ‘relapse’ as I feel I am going perhaps too well at the moment? It’s a scary ride not knowing how our grief takes us. Hugs to everyone. Miss my mum. xx


You are not alone. It sounds like we are all suffering in the same way. I lost my precious mum three months ago and I feel it was too young and premature and I’m constantly going over the medical stuff and over analysing, it feels like groundhog Day for my partner. We spoke every single day and the loss feels huge and I hate the new shit reality.
I went to see a medium last week and mum came through to give me reassurance. The stuff the medium knew was so accurate and she didn’t know anything about me, so I’m convinced her spirit lives on and this gives me comfort xx


I too am a part of this awful club. I lost my beautiful Mum and best friend almost 21 months ago. I miss her with every fibre of my being. I wish she would come back to me. I look for signs everywhere, I just need to know she’s ok.

Sorry for your loss. I too lost mum in April and am struggling when I cry as I hate burdening anyone and bringing the mood down. I tend to have 1 day every couple of weeks where I can’t stop crying. My friends say I’m being tough on myself but who wants a crying friend :confused:. I spoke to my sister in law today and had a good cry. I feel so much better. Hope you are finding ways to cope and not being too tough on yourself xx