Death of my partner

Hi im jenny i lost my partner of 16 years after shocking 8 weeks between finding out and dying at home with me. In January. Long wait for Funeral was just last week im at my daughters with grandkids but so very very sad its truly a pain i feel


Hi @Missypeet I’m so sorry you have lost your husband so recently. Yes, it truly is devastating how painful an experience it is, I was totally taken by surprise at how much it hurt compared to the loss of my beloved Dad, which I had thought as bad as it got.

I hope you will find the support you need on here. At least you are amongst people who do understand this level of loss. My husband died suddenly last April and the shock was so overwhelming it took a long time to accept it was real and not some terrible nightmare I’d wake from. To me, the acceptance was my first step to trying to make a life for myself and my daughters. I knew that unless I accepted that no amount of wishing or praying or disbelief could change what had happened, I could not begin to do anything else. I also made a point of trying to not allow the ‘what if’s and ‘if only’s in.

It is a seemingly impossible future to begin with so be kind to yourself and take it very slowly, allowing as much time as you need to think, cry, scream, shout or do whatever you need to.
Keep posting and you’ll find plenty of support here.
Sending love.
Karen xxx


Hi Jenny, I’m so sorry you have had to join this site because of the loss of you partner. My husband died suddenly in January too, and I know how the loss feels like a physical pain, it is so very sad. You are amongst friends here, the offer of support and comfort is always there to help us navigate our way through grief . I am glad you have your daughter and grandchildren and I hope you can find some comfort in being together As Karen says we have to take things slowly and do whatever feels right for us. Much love xxxx