Death of son

I am new to the forum and I lost my son about four weeks ago from a car accident. I thought I was getting along pretty well but the weekends are hard. I will start crying for no reason or maybe triggers. I feel okay during the week when I am working but, I also don’t want to be too busy and not deal with my grief. Does anyone else feel this way?

It’s very early days for you racy. Your emotions are over the place. Sorry for your loss. As time passes you will experience all manner of ups and downs. Your mind will take on a mind of it’s own. If that makes sense

Yes that makes sense. I have been through this before. I had another adult child pass away about 6 years ago she was 35. She was mentally ill and I felt like she was in a better place because she would not be suffering anymore, but this time I feel like it’s so much different because my son was only 22 years old and I feel like he was taken to soon.

I miss him so much especially on the weekends when we spent the majority of our time together on the weekends. I know I will get through this but it also helps to share and know your not alone in your grieving.