Death of twin

Last month my twin brother died aged 32. He had brain cancer. I was with him when he died.
It is our birthday coming up and I am struggling with the idea of having our birthday without him. I’ve spent every birthday with him since birth. The idea that I will be older than my twin upsets me. I feel like i’ve lost a massive part of me and i’m just an empty shell. I’m not eating much, I just can’t stomach food and my empty stomach matches the empiness I feel emotionally.
Has anyone been through similar?

Hi cat lover, I’m not a twin,my older sister died last month and I’m still fragile and trying to get through the days without crumbling, we were very close. I had twin brothers who died at 49 and 56 it was a tough time for the older brother. I think of the grief in waves and try and do something in between, eat little and often when you can to keep your strength up , your brother would want you to, Ive had my birthday and my sister birthday since she died and both were difficult but with the help of others and taking time out with my thoughts I’m moving forward slowly,

My identical twin died April 2018 I was with her .
I am struggling still . I had 2birtjdays and 2xmases since the 2nd lot of family celebrations have been worse than the first. My sleep pattern is very poor work is all over the place and comfort eating to cope.
I’ve had some counselling online here but I miss talking to her everyday , struggling still with the loss , and trauma . She was diagnosed with mnd and died 5mnths later.

Hi @Patienttrudi, I’m so sorry to hear about the death of your twin and how you are struggling. It is understandable that she has left a huge hole in your life and that you miss her very much. Everyone on this site has lost someone, and will understand some of how you are feeling.

Sorry to see that you haven’t had any replies yet. The conversation you have replied to is a few months old, so it might be that the previous posters are not active on the site any more. I just wanted to let you know that we have recently created a new Losing a Sibling category on the site - you may be interested to start a new conversation there, or reply to an existing one to find more people with similar experiences.

We also have a user called @Par7 who has also lost a twin and who has been active on the site within the last few days - you might also be interested to check out their profile and posts.

Thank you
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Hi , I’ve just come across your post that you are a twin , I’m also a twin my self I lost my twin in December 2020 to l Leukaemia after getting Breast cancer first

thanks for your reply , i have been off this site for a while but have come back to it.
I am still struggling 4 yrs later, with the loss and trauma of it all. but most of all the loneliness, that although surrounded by family and friends.
I am now in a more open place to make use of this online community.

Hi I’ve been looking to talk to someone who’s lost there twin , I didn’t talk to anyone after I lost Claire I bottled everything up for the last 12 months , didn’t have counselling , just before the first anniversary in dec I couldn’t take any more , there was so much weight on my shoulders and so emotional I ended up on the sick from work ,I was getting depressed so was put on Antidepressants and sleeping tablets wasn’t sleeping most nights just thinking about her if she was ok . I’m much better now having counselling which as helped , still off work not ready to go back yet .

Hi I list my twin sister in December 2020

Hi I lost my twin sister in December 2020