death of your son

my son passed away at home 20 jan 2017, Richard was happy, no health problems and in love, lucky he also had no £ problems, i found richard in bed, but when the ambulance arrived i was told he had passeded away 1 hrs before, all my life had been for my son, he was a director on our business

but now i cannot see any point in carrying on, every one said it gets better, but every day is so so hard to even carry on, but richards partner is now living here, and i have to look after her.

help please

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I hope you’ve found some peace since may. I can’t imagine what you are going through but be sure to reach out to all help available. Thinking of you x

Hi I am so sorry for your loss. My friend has just lost her son and is finding it so hard, she just cant stop crying bless her. I must introduce her to this site. You just don’t expect your children to pass before yourself, not that I would know how it feels. It is difficult to help sometimes when you don’t know how you and her are feeling, but I ask her what she would like me to do for her. I normally text her so she can read it when she is in a safe place etc but she confided in me to say she would love me to telephone her rather than text so that is what I will now be doing. She only worries that if she sounds really down I will drop everything and get to her, which she doesn’t always want, so now I know how to deal with that also now. I’m just glad she is talking to me, as her partner doesn’t understand her crying all the time. I think its lovely that you have your sons partner with you as it is giving you something else to think about, but can imagine you do not have a lot of strength to cope with her mourning as well. Hopefully though you can help each other as you both know what you are going through a bit. Obviously she wasn’t his mother (or father) and it must be so much worse for you. It also is such a shock for you so suddenly with no warning. My friends son was diagnosed with cancer which spread all through his body and had 6 months exactly. It does get better but sometimes can take a long time. You must just take one day at a time. Take care xx