Deceased Daughters Birthday

My daughter died suddenly in August this year. It was her 22nd birthday on the 1st December. Both myself and my husband struggled to get through the day.
Although Amy has been cremated, we’re still waiting for a cause of death from the coroner. We heard this week that there will be an inquest in January.
I am managing to go to work but I really struggle with my emotions on my days off. Luckily I am self employed so I can choose when to stop working at any time.

Into lost my daughter and I go to work and have trigger days . Everyone has a way of dealing with these days younarensonearky into the grief journey and with unanswered questions it’s difficult . Send king love from
One mom to another

Hi Lou, thanks for your kind words.

So sorry for the loss of your daughter.

Grief is a difficult thing, there’s no rush to get through it. I’m trying to convince myself that when the inquest is past, and we know what caused Amy’s death, that I will be better.
But I have to try and be strong for my other 2 children, aged 26 and 28, both live away from home now.

I know from losing other family members suddenly that I may never get over this loss so I’m taking each day as it comes.

I’d like to say after the inquest you will find some peace , but don’t build yourself up to that day I hope you find your answers and some peace

Hi Jack27, so sorry to read about the loss of your daughter Amy. I too lost my daughter suddenly in September and we are waiting on an investigation, as they have no idea why. It was Megans 22nd birthday on 1st December also, so totally understand how you are feeling. I go to work, as I can’t face a day if I don’t and they are amazing. This last week has been hell, I can’t stop crying.
Take care and here if you ever need a chat xx

I’m so sorry for your devastating losses. Following the loss of my precious boy, we have mo answers why our 22yr old son went to bed & never woke up, i found him unresponsive one morning & the paramedics estimated he passed appx 3 hours before. The coroner confirmed sudden arrhythmia death syndrome SADS. Further genetic testing haven’t revealed any further info, confirming SADS. I read around 500 a year of all SADS patients never have a cause identified, it’s so hard not knowing why it happened. It doesn’t change the outcome but having a reason I sometimes wonder if would help a tiny bit to come to terms with it but I’m not sure we actually ever can.
Sending healing hugs xx

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Hi Rach25. Our daughter, Rachel, 22, died from SADS in April 2018. We are still so bereft and just trying to get through ChrIstmas, again, 5th one without her. She was never ill and was fine the evening before.

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My daughter died of SUDEP just before she was 22.
She died 2006 l cannot say it’s been was and l still miss her every day.

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