Dedication, sympathy for all with recent loss.

Your now among the angels,
Flying high above the sky ,
your love still watching over us,
It brings the tears to my eyes.

Your spirit will stay with us,
This does not mean the end,
For i will be here for you,
Until our time will end.

We will never forget you,
You meant too much to us,
Our tears that fall here today,
You remind us of your life.
Your shared love to everyone,
Let the light of our memories,
Guide you on your way,
Thru heaven you will travel,
Until we meet someday.

"Sincere blessings to you , take care ".
“I am always here for you”
Hugs x

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That’s very heartfelt :pray:

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Hi foodgiver,

Thank you , i hope it does not upset anyone more then they are.
I will try life the mood a little with some of my wit soon, bring a tiny smile to some if i can.

Take care.

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