Today is our 62 Wedding anniversary, and 16 weeks since my beloved husband died.


So sorry for your loss. You were together for a very long time Try to remember the good times, the joy you shared. These first anniversaries are always going to be hard to cope with. I’m dreading them. It’s 8 weeks today since I lost my soulmate and I’m still in shock because it was so unexpected
Stay strong

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Thank you Annde. This is the first of my ‘firsts’, so I know it will be difficult. My son and I will be taken some flowers to his grave today. They will be the same as I had for my wedding bouquet. It seems strange not getting any cards. I’m so sorry for your recent loss. Sending hugs to you. xx


So sorry , it will be a day of mixed emotions for you. The “first” of our anniversaries that we have to face is the hardest one. Sixty two years is a lifetime of being together. I was married for 43 years and have had all of my “firsts” apart from the anniversary of my husbands passing which is coming up next month.
I hope you find peace today by visiting your husbands grave and I think it is so lovely that you are taking him the same flowers as you had in your wedding bouquet.
Sending hugs xx

Thank you Alir. We’ve just got back from the cemetery and Brian’s resting place does now look beautiful. It did trigger some tears but on the whole I’m quite pleased with how I’ve got through the day. I hope you you will get through the first anniversary of your husbands passing ok. Sending hugs to you xx