Delayed grief

I lost my Dad in January and coped as best I could for my families sake, but these last few weeks I am struggling to keep everyday ‘normal’. I am not often alone but when I am I feel pain like a physical blow and I have to force myself to stop crying, to try and be what they all need. I need to be strong for them but all I want to do is curl under my duvet. How does everyone cope with this aspect of grief please?

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I lost mum in January and like you i have held everything together for the family it’s what we do. so many people tell me I have to look after myself but I struggle with that as I was carer for my mum and my normal was being with her every day I dont know how normal is without her so I just take each day can’t really do more than that. I talk about mum alot which helps my grand daughter often tells me she misses great nanna and it breaks my heart everytime. Unfortunately life goes on and we have to find a new normal. It’s good to cry there’s no right or wrong way to grieve

Hello to you both and how brave you both sound. The special person you have lost world be so proud of you both and reading your posts I feel proud to have been able to read them, thank you so much. We all have lost someone special on this site and try to hold it all together is hard but it’s what we have to do and as you say life goes on and unfortunately we have to go with it. If things get to tough do be worried about asking for help in the form of counselling. Sending my blessings to you both. S xx