Delayed grief

Lost my hubby to cancer 2021…was ill for 2 years i looked after him to the end… when he died i went on a mad bender not too much drinking but was getting away ftom the house out all the time…couldnt stay still or be at home…now the madness has stopped im at home slone my son gone away fr 1 year…its just hitting me …is this normal snd how should i cope with it…please help thank you

Dear @Bevers1

I am sorry to hear of the loss of your husband and I apologise that you have not had a response to your post.

I see that you are new to the Community, I do hope you find the community to be of support and comfort to you.

What you are going through is normal and part of the grieving process, you take one day at a time. Grief has no time limits and it is a journey and not a race. Everyone’s journey is different. For some grieving can go on for years.

There are some resources I would like to share with you which may be of support and help to you at this time until someone comes along to offer their support who have been in a similar situation as yourself. (You can also connect with members here by using the search bar).

I do hope the above information will be of help to you.

Please continue to reach out, you are not alone.

Take care of yourself.


I think this is a normal response, it happened for me. It is very hard to cope with this for me even after 3 years, I still find it hard to cope and I miss her so much. I still drink too much but I know I have to look after 2 dogs, cat and my Grandchildren need me even if they don’t realise it. I try to do the best for them. It is the best way forward to have something to fix upon. Do some things to make you feel better. I did volunteering for the local woodland group, now I’m treasurer! It helps to do something you never thought of doing.

Thank you…i really dont think volunteering is my thing…but each to their own…im a young 57 year old…im just goi g to have to get on with it…:cry::cry::cry::cry::cry: