Delayed grief

Hi everyone my lovely husband passed away 4 years ago this month 2 weeks after his passing i was seriously ill myself in a coma luckily i pulled through and then went on antidepressants. 4 years down the line ive come off the pills over a number of months .but now im.finding im crying a lot more and my emotions hightened .do you think im now in the grieving stage as i really dont think ive actually gone through it thankyou for reading xxx

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@Crystalou I’m no expert but maybe it is as you say the start of grieving . You’ll get a lot of support on the forums and there’s a lot of good advice there. There are also Zoom meetings on Fridays and Tuesdays at 8pm. These are run by forum members, not Sue Ryder. pm @KarenF or myself if you want to be added to the pm that gives more info about these meetings. Best wishes.


I would love to join a Zoom forum.
Would you know how I could get an invite?

@AlysonandSteve Have sent you an invite

Thank you so much :heart:
The date of the zoom call states 17th March.
Would the next chat be this Friday at 8pm…thank you so much.

meeting is active now


Hi @Crystalou
You have really been through the mill haven’t you? I wouldn’t be surprised if your thoughts on this are right. You didn’t have the time to grieve due to your health problems in addition to coming off medication, which could alter your mood as well, depending on what they were.

Please feel free to post whatever you are feeling as there are many supportive people here who will help you as much as possible.

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Thankyou i will x


You had only two weeks before events took over. If you haven’t been through the mill of grief, suffered what people describe here, suffering for weeks, months, even years, then maybe you have it to come. Very likely though you are feeling the lack of whatever antidepressant was lifting your mood. I would go back to your doctor. No shame in needing those tablets. I suffer from bipolar type 2, which is characterised by chronic recurrent depression. I am on an antidepressant most of the time. They alter your body’s chemical balance in a good way. If you need them, you need them. They are not anti-weak character pills, as some people think.


Thankyou yes maybe it is all to come i really hope not and like you said, there’s no shame in taking pills if it makes you feel better xx