My husband died suddenly in September. I am still waiting ( 5 weeks now) for the death certificates to come in the post. Has anybody else had this problem? I am finding everything quite stressful and the delays due to backlogs aren’t helping. We had to wait 2.5 weeks for the coroners report and then another four weeks until the funeral could take place.

That does seem rather a long wait. Is it worth phoning the register office and chasing it. Explain its very hard to get things sorted as so many establishments need a copy xx

Hi murphy1 I had the certificates within a few days , sound like they have got lost in the post . Jss

Thank you. I’ll chase it up.

My daughter aged 50 died suddenly in July. I am still waiting for death certificate and coroners. They keep saying they are still waiting for some reports and because all the labs are taken up with the covid things are held up.

Hi Lyn

Very sorry to hear about your daughter. I know how traumatic a sudden death is. My husbands post mortem took 2.5 weeks as there was a backlog. After registering the death (over the phone) I applied online for the death certificates. After not receiving them I contacted them and they said there’d been an oversight where the info hadn’t been passed onto them. May be worth chasing up, just in case. Thinking of you. Sandra x

Thank you Murphy1. I have rang the several times but just keep getting told the same thing. Backlog due to covid. Someone has now given me an address to get in touch with Coroners complaint ombudsmen. My grandaughter is dealing with that. It’s just a joke waiting since 23rd July for coroners report.

I am so sorry for your loss and can understand fully the impact of a sudden loss of soulmate. My husband died September 2020. The Inquest was not held until May 2021 and this was only achieved because Coroner’s office made an error otherwise had been told it would not be held until this coming December. The death certificates were issued the day after the Coroner recorded her verdict. I had interim before this time but the pension companies would not accept them. Have only just got probate started as a result.