Deleting phone numbers

I look at my call history and always see mams and dad number I honestly can’t come to terms with them gone .let alone been told to delete them .
Not sure if it will be good for me or not I just feel I need them in my call history.


I know what you mean @Andrea1973.
I still have the last text messages, and phone number, in my phone sent from my lovely husband to me on the day that he died.
My late sister’s phone number is still there too and she died 18 years ago!

I think, for us, it’s just another small link to our nearest and dearest who are no longer with us.

I wept buckets the day my new chequebook arrived from the bank with just my name on it rather than Mr and Mrs Wingingit.
While I was glad some of the official stuff was getting sorted, I felt like he was slowly being taken away from me again - a sort of gradual erosion until, eventually, there would be no evidence that he had been here at all.

Keep the numbers if you gain some comfort from them Andrea.
Anything that helps you get through this is my motto, providing you’re harming no-one, most of all yourself.


It’s do what feels right for you. If having them there helps you, then that’s ok.
I have a voicemail from my husband when he was last admitted to hospital. I’ve kept it even through I was able to be with him later that day.

hi all i’m the same with the phone number thing. But i have searched the house for all old christmas cards and birthday cards with mum and dad on . recently it was my birthday and card was just from mum . a simple thing that threw me . i should have been prepared for that .So will be ready now for Christmas card just from mum
Simple thing but it put reality back into my face .Facing loss again.Another part of life where i’ll miss dad

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Hi @chiara,
I still sign cards to close family from mum & dad or grandma & Grandad. He’s still very much part of our family even though he not physically here.
As for my phone, unfortunately I had to change mobiles last year, as with a different provider, I have no texts or voice mails from my husband. They became lost in the transfer. But I still do have his number on my mobile.

I have my dad and mum’s numbers still on my phone i also have two friends who passed away 4 year’s and another 2years ago i can’t see me ever deleting there numbers, it just feels two painful to even think about doing it