deleting posts

ive just noticed I am not given the option to delete my posts at all.
I was aware we could delete and if we then decided to i had 360 hours to reverse the decision,now I dont even have the option
on facebook,and other forums over the years that ive been a member of
you could delete old private messages you could delete or edit posts as and when you chose finding this very dodgy and am not happy knowing even private messages we have to contact admin to have them removed. are admin able to monitor our private conversations as if so this is not right and I dont agree with this what soever.
one very concerned member

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Hi Ian, the delete button does seem to have disappeared. I know it was there the other day because I deleted my post by accident and admin restored it for me. Perhaps admin could enlighten us :thinking:.

I assume you mean delete after posting? It may be better to read our messages carefully before we post. There would be no need then to delete.

Hi @Jianye, yes, I’m afraid it is gone for the moment. We had a lot of trouble with people accidentally deleting their own posts, so I asked our technical team if they could add a confirmation message asking people if they are sure they wanted to delete. However, unfortunately, this turned out to not be very straightforward from a technical point of view and could take some time. Given the high rate of accidental deletions, and the serious consequences this can have for people getting support, the best way to prevent this at the moment is to hide the button. I’m afraid you’ll have to request posts deleted by admin until we can find another solution.

We didn’t have an option for users to delete their own posts at all until last November, so we are only reverting to how things were on the site for many years.

With regard to private messages, yes, admin have access and can delete them if requested. The community guidelines do apply in private messages and we have access in case an issue is reported - for example, abusive messages sent privately. However, it is our policy not to read private messages unless an issue is reported to us, in order to respect user’s privacy (as stated in our terms and conditions: Terms & Conditions)

Just to add, you can still edit your own posts up to 10 minutes after you post them.

I could not find this post on the list of recent topics,only seeable if you are not logged in.
not sure why that would be.but thank you for your response,but in this day and age would be great to be able to delete anything which you have posted without having to jump through hoops.i for one would be willing to chip in if its anything to do with the costs like many ive had help from lots of wonderful members,and im thinking the majority would like the facility to delete private messages as and if they want or need to.
regards ian

We’re working on a few technical fixes at the moment, and we always prioritise technical updates based on how many people they are affecting and whether they are preventing people from getting support. At the moment, this isn’t the highest priority, but it would be great to hear from anyone else who does use the delete button, as it will be really helpful to know if this is something that lots of people want.

trouble is John ,no matter how many times I would read before posting,i usually have to open and edit,and now being unable to delete is just a tad frustrating.

Oh yes Ian. I too missed the edit button on the old site. It’s one of the things I asked for on this new site. It’s so useful. It often happens that we rethink something or need to add or clarify some word. I’m sorry you are having this trouble. Hope all is well, or as well as it can be!!

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All well and good if emotions were not a major factor in posts. If someone feels they would prefer to remove it then that option should be there.

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I don’t delete John. I was just looking for it for Ian. I always read my posts before posting, although a couple of times I have used the edit button. I’ve told you before John how I’m ‘practically perfect in every way’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. x

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Hi. Kate. I have never doubted your perfection. There are not many of us perfect ones left. The lesser mortals we encounter need to look up to us as shining examples of humanity. And if you believe that load of old tosh you will believe anything. :grinning: :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Seriously though, a delete button would be useful after posting. I can imagine it would be difficult technically. As SanW says, when emotions are involved who’s to say if we feel maybe we have said something we may later regret. Best wishes Kate.


Bloomin heck it’s Mary Poppins :rofl::rofl: x


“A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down, in the most delightful way”. And it does Kate.

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sadly im far from perfect,and ive posted my inner feelings and then my emotions have made me think carefully about my post and ive decided to delete them.and I think because at times we can be thinking we need to post those feelings and regret it,then people like me need that ability to change our minds and delete said post.thats the humble opinions of a very opinionated man,who makes so many mistakes that if the edit button was ever removed id look like the thicko I am.but hey whose perfect…oh I forget Kate :smile: :grinning: glad im not perfect. :joy: :rofl: :rofl:


I think you’re better than you think you are Ian :wink: x


Yes Ian, I agree with Kate. In your last post you put yourself down. ‘A very opinionated man’. Are you? ‘Look like the thicko I am’. No you wouldn’t and don’t!!
That kind of thinking can lead to introspection and wish fulfilment. If we believe those things about ourselves we can become what we think. Give yourself a break. You have been through hell and back so try and take it easy for a bit. Best wishes.

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