Dementia loss


New here for a bit now over a week.

Lost my Nana to dementia nearly 6 years ago.
She passed in a care home none of the staff called any us during her last few hours to come in & sit with her until she passed over.
It’s quite sad i called the care home lack of information given.
My nana brought me up & think its poor these places are dont tell family members, my nana was the hold everyone together she was born 1930.
But all i got was 2 texts one of her daughter who had me but never bothered only kids for her on funds habbit and her other daughter who i spoke to, she had another daughter never spoke to her they just said shes gone so i called my auntie at 3am and called the care place asking why they never called her oldest daughter to go in or myself.

I hope someone was with her on her passing as nobody knows.
No matter how many times i ask.

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Hello I lost my Nan to dementia few years ago and I’m glad to say my dad and I made sure we were with her on the day she went. She was In hospital worst place she could have been in. It’s a hospital I hate as it contributed to me losing my mum. It’s Sam’s hospital Lucy letby worked in and the place has a stench written all over it. I’ll never forgive the countess for what they did to my mum and the way they treated my nan