Is anyone else finding the adverts for fund raising difficult? They destroy me. My Mum is still with us but she isnt. I used to talk to my friend about it and now she is gone. I cant believe she is gone and Mum. Is still here but not here. What a sad world without them both

My Mama was the same what i did was till talk to her in her world oretended Papa was still alive as that mafe her happy We ate eclairs together and ate greedily she liked that and held her as much as i could even though her personality had been stolen
I also would brush her hair alot and out on her fav music enya and queen and others just make her feel loved and cared for and do things yalkabout things no matter how bizarre they are as long as she smiles x
Meia x


Thats nice. Sadly she doesnt know who i am now most of the time. The tv advert is right but it upsets me every time it is on. There is an odd little glimpse of her sometimes and i love that

Your Mama sounds like a fun loving lady x

Hi there
It doesnt matter dhe doesnt know who you are she is still here mine isnt be present and stop wanting that recognition when she cant her brain has changed accept that and appreciate what is left.
Go with her flow and share moments as this time doesnt cone again and when she is gone she will be just that gone completely so make the most and try to make her smile or laugh thats what i did and i didnt want recognition or thanks as needing that is for your self when this phase is a selfless stage of your and her life x