I wish I wasn’t feeling alone with this grief.

Hey when you’re on here you’re not alone! Would you like to talk about it?

Talking helps, but I think we all feel alone with it at times even when surround by family/friends

Yes so do I feel that I wish I wasn’t alone with grief even though loads other people in the same boat I still do feel like I do
But I know nothing I can do that takes that away really although can go through the motions of what people advise.
Only time I don’t feel like it is when I have three grandsons to look after so not thinking much with them as they need attention. But then it is all quiet again afterwards and back to square one.
My son came and we had a go trying to do what my husband used to do and it felt at least we were carrying on with his work. But kept missing him. Using his tools and trying to replace them like he did and being grateful he had left them in apple pie order. Using the pain he left ready to do the jobs he always did. Using his cast off old clothes for rags to clean up. Finding old things and thinking what to do with them and just shoving them back until later. Coping with the upgrade to the services because must carry on. Seeing to the garden like he used to do and lamenting that it fell short of his standards. Seeing him in his son who is carrying on in his footsteps. Remembering our lives and thinking how do I do it alone when do not feel like it but thinking I have to do it anyway. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t.