Depression after dads gone.

My dad died just over a year ago of a heart attack he was in bed and it was totally unexpected but I am still blaming myself even though I know it wasn’t my fault.

Hi Beamer,

I’m so sorry that you lost your dad a year ago & that you’re having a difficult time at the moment. Why are you blaming yourself? From the posts that I’ve read on the forum it does seem that blame can be part of the grieving process.

Have you any close friends or family that you can talk to & share how you’re feeling at the moment?

There are lots of lovely supportive on the forum who will understand what you’re going through.

Tale care & please keep posting.

Trudy x

No because how I feel I could not share with my hubby or my best friends its to dark this depression is a horrible horrible illness. I’m just wondering if I ever be any better. I’m strong for everyone else but screaming inside.

That must be so difficult for you. Have you seen your GP, are you getting any support or treatment for your depression? You’re right it is a horrible illness which is so tough to deal with if you feel on your own.

Yes I’m on tablets for my depression I’ve seen a Councillor which didn’t really help. I live next door to my mum & brother which is good in some ways and bad in another. Like yesterday I was getting ready to go out with hubby and my brother came round saying he was worried about mam. mams she’s suffering depression herself. So he made me feel guilty for going out I still went out. But he had spoilt it for me.