Depression (Poem)

Dark cloud-

There’s a dark cloud that follows me around.
People say its called depression and its when your feeling down. To me its like a black hole grasping on to your heart and soul, you can’t escape it you just have to keep fighting it!
It takes all your energy inside, to tell yourself your going to be alright. Sinking lower and lower everyday watching your happiness drain away, it’s not a nice thing to have, but you just have to keep believing that it will fade away and tomorrow will be a brighter day!


Thank you for sharing this poem
Will tomorrow ever be a brighter day?
Take care.

Thank you for sharing this poem it’s exactly how so many of us feel

A lovely poem thank you.
Sometimes there are moments of happy memories followed by sadness of never seeing their lovely face hearing their laughter and having a great big hug from them.
Amy x

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Thank you for sharing your poem. I have been suffering from depression for many years. I feel I’m in a dark tunnel with no light at the end. Sometimes it lasts months. It’s a horrible illness. I have been to the most darkness periods of my life. Not eating, crying and thinking there is no way out. But the times when it’s not so bad. My husband is my rock. He’s caring and when I’m really depressed sometimes a hug can take me out of that dark place. I’m on antidepressants. They help a bit.