Depression remedies

Has anybody tried St John’s Wort for depression? I have started it today and wondered how others have fared with it.

My depression is ongoing, I cannot bear to watch the news any more and the worry of covid, vaccinations, cost of living etc never gets any better. Life is no joy any more but I really don’t want antidepressants and that path just yet. I hope to feel better naturally if possible. I thought a herbal medicine could help. I’ve begun with only a small dose and will adjust it accordingly.

Hello @Rachel50, I’m sorry to hear that your depression is ongoing - but well done on recognising that you could use some extra help.

As you’re interested in more natural treatments, I wanted to share this page from Mind’s depression guide with you: It talks about alternatives to antidepressants, including St. John’s Wort.

Although you’ve already started taking St. John’s Wort, you may want to read Mind’s page on it as it has lots of useful info:

I really hope you find something that works for you. Please do keep reaching out,


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May I say I am being careful. I am on no other medications and I am starting on just one tablet a day to see how it affects me.
I know exercise and distractions like being busy keep me ticking along. Sometimes nothing helps because it just can’t. I miss my husband and nothing can bring him back.


Hi Rachel - I tried St Johns Wort for depression and it worked for me, this was a few years back and I would say I was moderately depressed. It takes around a month for it to start to work. It’s important to take one that’s the right strength. Too low in the active ingredient Hypericin and it might not work. It gave me a slightly upset stomach for the first few days but that soon passed. I hope it works for you. Best wishes xxxx