I don’t know where to start, after 4 years of the death of my dad, I am just going into properly mourning for him.
In this short space of time I lost my 2 brothers months after my dad, my 2 brothers passed 5 weeks apart and all died from Covid we also lost 2 of my nephews in this period. My daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer and needed her breast removed whilst this was going on I was rushed into hospital with urgent bowel surgery and 6 weeks in hospital. I think my brain just shut down as I couldn’t cope. I really feel I havnt grieved for any of them and have just began to process everything. I feel utter sadness and don’t feel as if I will ever be happy again, I feel lots of anger and don’t understand why we’re here and for what purpose it all seems so pointless!


So sorry about your terrible loss. It sounds very challenging. It’s interesting that I just posted a question asking if it was normal that my grief had got worse after the first 12 months since my mum’s death. I think you’ve just answered by sharing your experience. You’re not alone. I guess it takes time and we’re never fully over it but, I hope, we become able to live with it at some point. Sending you so much sympathy and love :heart:


That is a lot to cope with .
I am not surprised it’s only hitting you now . So sorry for your loss.

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