Feeling very down this weekend…maybe Fathers Day has something to do with it…but also a bit of a reality check hit me and I got a bit reflective. I hope people don’t mind my attempts at poetic expression, but I find it a good way to get my feelings out…if it helps anyone else then all the better. Hope everyone has as good a weekend as they can :heart:

I started thinking, just today
This awful truth is here to stay
It matters not how much I weep
My new life is here for keeps

So, taking stock of how things are
I don’t have to think too hard
The starting point is where it ends
We all will die, let’s not pretend

My final destination’s clear
And of that fact, I have no fear
In fact it’s where I want to be
You’re waiting there, waiting for me

My problem is, what happens next?
Will it be quick, or be a test?
The thought of hanging on to life
At any cost? that’s a fright

None of us can ever know
How long we have before we go
But anything to stay alive?
That’s not a life, we need to thrive

Don’t get me wrong, I cannot lie
Have have no desperate wish to die
But what I just can’t live without
Is you, of that there is no doubt

And so while I am fit and well
I must endure this living hell
We’ve both been dealt this hand of cards
Which means we must remain apart

But in the end, when time is right
I won’t resist, I shall not fight
I have no will to struggle on
Prolong my pain while you’re still gone

I believe that when we die
Our consciousness is free to fly
We all return from whence we came
We’ll be together once again

But if one day I never wake
Then so be it, that chance I’ll take
Because the only time that I’m alright
Is when I go to sleep at night

…to dream :cry:



It’s beautiful :heart: thank you for sharing xx

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@UnityMan what a true to life poem you have written , well it is for me . Your poems always reflect how this life is now , so please keep posting them , yes fathers day not a great day this year ,but its suprising how we do get through these special days , thank you for sharing your lovely poem xtake carex

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Dear Unity Man,
Wow… that was an amazing poem and I can resonate with every word that you have written. I woke this morning having had a dream about Pete and really thought he was here with me. Not sure if Fathers Day had something to do with it but it’s left me feeling flat to put it midly… Please keep posting your heartfelt poems as they come from the heart and i’m sure help people like me realise that we are not on our own with these thoughts. Thank you so much. Jenny


A lovely poem UnityMan.
Thank you for sharing x

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Couldn’t have put it better myself.
Wishing you some peace. And hugs from me.

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So heartfelt and really resonates with me.
Thanks for sharing - remember you’re to alone in this journey xx

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@UnityMan that is how I feel . I am not afraid of death like I was before because I am going to be in his arms again when that day comes

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@UnityMan Really sums up how I feel. How long do have to endure the pain of separation.

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It is very well written and exactly how I feel too. I bought a burial plot to bury our ashes but still need to sort out a headstone for my husband and me. I know my final destination and have no fear. Thank you for sharing the poem.

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