Hi everyone, I’m not even sure why I’m here as feel nothing will help :disappointed::disappointed: I lost my mum when I was 45 and she was at the young age of 67 to Melanoma 21/2 years ago and miss her everyday the feeling of not see her again is just overwhelming then my brother was diagnosed with motor neurone disease in June and devastatingly fell down the stairs last week and has passed away …he was only 50 … I feel absolutely devastated and I’m gonna miss him so much how awfully tragic and sad this all is … I’m trying to keep my dad busy and myself as I know this is one of the only things that slightly help … just feel in shock scared and just don’t know how ill live normally again ….:disappointed::disappointed::disappointed::disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:


Dear Nicky73,

You have so much to cope with. I can understand that life is very difficult for you at the moment. I wished there was something I could do or say to take away your pain or make things easier for you.
You must miss your mum so much especially with what has happened recently wo your brother. You and him must have become even closer after the loss of your mum and his sudden death last week must have made you feel like your world fell apart. And yet, life goes on and you somehow have to find the inner strength to carry on. In your profile I read that you have a fulltime job. That, and supporting your dad is what is keeping you busy at the moment I suppose and keeping busy is helping you. Please don’t forget to look after yourself too and accept any help that is offered by family or friends. Your son may be able to help you too. Does he still live at home? We have a 20 year old son, and when I lost first my father and than my mother, it was amazing how he was there for me. with a big hug when I needed it.
I hope that reading other people’s posts and replies will give you some help and comfort. xx Jo

Hi Jo, thank you kindly for your reply. Yes I am taking hugs and help where ever possible I have some lovely friends and my son who yes is still at home is being great …. I know all the ways to try to cope having been through it with mum well still going through it to be honest… but I find myself devastated and struggling especially with thoughts of what on earth is next … almost begging for just peace and happiness now please but knowing life is life and who knows what’s next … one day at a time I know … life can be so great yet so so awful too hey :disappointed::disappointed: xx


So sorry for your loses. Nobody has any solutions but by posting on here and reading others stories, hopefully you will gain some sort of comfort. Even if it’s knowing others know how you feel.
This is my go to family when things get tough or the feelings of overwhelming sadness tend to take over my thoughts.
It helps to know, that everyone on this site knows!!

Keep posting
Take care of yourself

Dee xx

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