Hello, my mum died suddenly and completely out of the blue on 18th November, 2 weeks before my birthday. She was in her chair and looked like she died In her sleep.
We have dealt with the coroner, sorted the funeral, cleaned out her flat, collected her ashes. It’s starting to hit me now that my mum has gone and we only have the most likely cause of death after a CT scan, nothing confirmed.
I have 3 small children who are devastated. I don’t get a minute to cry or anything as the children keep me so busy. I don’t know how I’m going to even start processing this…

Hello WJP. I am really sorry to have read what’s happened to you. I lost my Mum last week. It would have been expected as she had Alzheimer’s but not when it did. She passed away in a Lancashire hospital and it was a shocking environment. It’s nothing like your loss I know, if it has been sudden you’ll still be in a daze. I just wanted to acknowledge your post and say there’ll be others who have far more wisdom than me along to offer some thoughts, take care and kind wishes


Thank you for your message, I’m sorry about your mum. It’s heartbreaking. Take care x

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Im so sorry for your loss, my mum died 4 days ago in her bed out of the blue tho she has had copd for a number of yrs. I am a grown man with 2 young children and i have not stopped crying since i found her. Allow yourself time to cry and talk to as many people who knew your mum as possible.
I hope you find peace very soon.

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