I’m really struggling its the worst feeling I have never ever felt so bad. My eyes are so swollen can hardly see.


Would you like to talk about it a bit more? x

Thankyou but I don’t know where to start, just gotta work through it I suppose…x

Well if that ever changes or you want to even just spit out little bits feel free x

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Sorry for your loss,grief is very painful my husband passed away 12weeks today Its a never ending heartache sometimes feel I can’t breathe,It does help to talk on here
I don’t know how we can feel any better,just be here for each other

Take care

Christine x


I agree…x

Just let it all out the heartbreak is unbearable and physically painful even my teeth hurt it’s natural to be so full of sorrow for losing the best part of you, I sometimes feel it’s like a bomb has been dropped on our family and we’re all struggling with the aftermath, be kind to yourself and take anything that offers you comfort and if people offer help take it to ease your pain thinking of you and you’re not alone on this terrible road lots love and hugs xx

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