I am finding things very hard lately as my dad died last May. Really devasted to be honest and constantly feel not myself anymore


Hi Gemma,
I can totally understand. Life is so unfair and cruel.
My mom who was only 58 and had no ailments got a cardiac arrest and just like that gone. I talked to her the very same morning and it was all fine. Its been three weeks and I’m in the same state as I was on day 1. I haven’t left my bed, I eat because my sister force feeds me. I wanted to give up on eating. I wanted to end my life but I can’t give another pain to my dad who is heartbroken and in a bad state.
Time doesn’t heal anything. I know I’ll always be unhappy in my life because I don’t have my mom to share it with. I am 31 and I don’t want to live a long life. I am extremely close to my mom. I know she is still with me. I want her to take me with her.
Please keep posting here. The people here are nice and they don’t judge you. Everyone is going through tremendous loss so you will feel better when you talk to them.


Hi .im so very sorry for your loss.i just recently lost my dad .loosing a parent is something so very hard .i know the feeling of devastation. Its a horrible feeling like a deep ache in your heart .You have taken a big step by coming on here to talk about it !.try to remember the good things about him.that is what is keeping me going right now .its not easy .i hope some of my words help. Take care

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Thanks for you message hun means a lot. My dad died of a blood clot in his heart even though he was very Ill but this came out from no where. I am a daddy’s girl so very close to him but really struggling to come to terms with his death. I am 49 this year which will be hard as he won’t be around to celebrate with me

Thanks for your message it means a lot it is good to talk to someone who can understand and relate of loosing someone close. It’s so hard just to let go and understand of why? I was very close to my dad but I don’t have much support and the counselling on the waiting list is taken ages so that’s not a great help. Just a very lonely time which makes me very unstable at the moment. Already a few media helping me which I don’t think I will ever get over my dad dying to be honest

I was very close to my dad also he died 5 days before my birthday. So i can relate to that .my birthday seems irrelevant tbh…the shock of loosing him and he happened so very fast .counselling seems to be difficult to get and at a time when you really need it .i can relate to being a daddys girl.its difficult to get your head around that someone who was so important wont be around. You get the terms you need to be strong and he will be there in spirit. But we dont want them in spirit we want them with us …talk on here as much as you need too i did as i know i will need it .i hope my words help in some way .as its difficult what to say .and we are both going through loosing someone who meant the world to us .


Yes your words definitely helping my dad died 2 weeks before my birthday so that was a very strange time last year without him there. I wish he was here in person not in spirit plus it’s broken my family to not talk to each other very hard time can’t see how things can get better to be honest

Hi there.
I’m so sorry for your loss,
I lost my dad august 11th 2020.
Unexpectedly after being in the hospital and after a reanimation kept asleep.
The devastation will be the way you feel for a while.
At least I felt that for sooo long.
Last week I started counseling and it helps a little bit to write letters to my dad if I feel like it.
That’s what helps for me but you do you.

If you wanna talk or anything, my messages are always open.