If any of you have to go to Torbay Hospital,And meet the dreaded Dr Summer,Gastro to get your results for cancer and the devastating news,He gives you 3 minutes with a Marie curie nurse,who doesn’t care by the name of Clare, While you and your loved ones are jumping up and down trying to breathe,he looks at his watch and says, take Care and they both leave, Lucy was let down by Marie curie big time they made contact 4 times in nearly 17 months and Clare didn’t put Lucy’s blood test through whilst she went on holding, absolute Disgrace.

Dear @Devonguy1966

Thank you for sharing your post. I am sorry you have had a bad experience.

If you have not done so already you can raise your concerns with the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS for short) at the hospital and they will look into this for you.

Take care.


How terrible for you. The callous way some doctors deliver the worst news is unbelievable.
You must be so devastated and angry.
I am so sorry.

We too had a cold consultant who never used the word sorry, never showed any sympathy. I will never forget how we felt, we both went absolutely numb. Outside we clung together as we knew my husband was beyond help. Fortunately, many many kind people helped. There are far more good people, so I hope you find comfort. X