Afternoon Everyone :blush::wave:
It’s the dreaded Wednesday again,
I’m so lost without Lucy,I hate every Wednesday, yesterday I bought my Beautiful Lucy,A Dozen Pink Rose’s And 3 Bunches of carnations, ready for this morning.

What do you all think of them,
Lovely aren’t they,I know Lucy is very pleased with them,as you know I buy Lucy fresh flowers every Tuesday ready for Wednesday morning,or if they are still going strong,it’s every other week.

It’s Bloody hot down here,no breeze, clear blue skies, Lucy would be out in the garden pottering around,now I hate it, Lucy loved the spring,all new life as she would say,
I’m not doing well.

I really do feel for you all here,Life as you call it,I call it existing not living,
Never be the same again.

Lots of :sparkling_heart: and :pray: to you all
Martin xx xx


Hugs :heart: The flowers are beautiful x

Hi Martin

What lovely flowers you have bought Lucy and the colours are beautiful.
I don’t buy flowers but I have texted Ian every morning and night for nearly 40 weeks now. I tell him about my day and how I’ve been feeling.

Take care of yourself and the flowers,

X Julie


Hi Trixie 1
Thank you so very much for your kind words,I agree the flowers and colours are lovely for My Beutifull Lucy, Reading that you txt Ian every morning and every night for 40 weeks, beings a lump to my throat and I’m welling up here,I’m sorry for your loss, Texting Ian that way is perfec, well done to you Julie, sending you lots of :sparkling_heart: and :pray:
Please take care of yourself Martin xx