If you could have 1 superpower,what would it be.

I’ll start it off.

Mine would be,To Heal.

Hi mine would be to bring back my hubby and all the partners who have passed . We would wake up from this nightmare and be back to happier times x


Hi Broken2222
Perfec :blush::facepunch:
Sending you lots of :sparkling_heart: and :pray:
We Are all in this bloody nightmare,and our journey of existing Not living continues for how long nobody knows, I like you are Not coping I’m still not eating,I feel guilty if I eat, Take Care xx

Hi you shouldn’t feel guilty about eating , it’s the same as breathing sleeping drinking we don’t want to but we do . Please try and eat a little . You might end up really poorly and end up in hospital . I’m sure your lucy wouldn’t want that . We just have to plodd on till it’s our time . ( while typing this ghost by Justin Bieder is on radio the words are so true ) please try and eat something . Take care x Please x