Hello everyone,

I lost my husband suddenly 10 weeks ago, he is 46 and we have 3 children together. Been together for 19 years. It’s every parents worst nightmare the way he passed, he had come in from the gym saying he felt sick and passed out on our bed, we then spent the next seeming like forever giving him cpr until the ambulance arrived. 2 of the kids see me giving him cpr. Between them last moments trying to bring him back to us and the general loss of losing him. Does it ever get easier? Every day I’m in tears, every day my kids are trying to make me feel better. I should be there for them not the other way round. They have been amazing and I really appreciate them. I do believe if it wasn’t for them i probably wouldn’t get out of bed everyday. I haven’t gone back to work yet, I can’t face it or even people. My kids are going to school, I am doing all I can to get them help they need. We also got told before my husband passed that we had to move. So not only have I lost my husband, I am now losing our home. Truly and utterly devasted. I’ve dealt with grief before through different family members but nothing like this.


Thanks for reading, any advice greatly received.


Hello Donna.
I’m new here but have been touched by the love and kindness as people express their grief and how they are learning to live with it.
You have come to the right place and I hope you find some comfort here.
I truly do not know what to say that might bring you even a little comfort after your terrible ordeal but please know that you will be in my thoughts and I hope you will post again.
With love, Daisyrose x

Hi Donna, thanks for your post and I know the community will support you and your children. Yes most children are for more resilient than we give them credit for and yours sound wonderful. I do hope you are getting help regarding your housing problem and may I suggest that now may be a good time to think about bereavement counselling. I know Cruse also have special volunteers who deal just with children which may be helpful for you all.
There are many women on here who have lost their husband and are left with young children. Life is hard and when our soulmate leaves us life becomes even harder.
Take little steps back to normal and don’t beat yourself up about anything. You will survive and you are be far stronger than you think. Take care and give those glorious children a big hug from me. S xx


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Daisyrose, thanks for your kind words regarding the community, we are all here to help. It’s a community of broken hearts and it requires a lot of super glue but if we can help each other and try to make life better then great. Bereavement is not fun but life goes on with or without us. You look after yourself. S xx

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Thanks so much