I am retired but when my first Husband died I was off work for 12 weeks and then did a phased return to work

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Thank you ladies for this discussion and to Martin for starting it. You have all made me feel so much better. It is nice to know that other people are feeling the way I am. Hope you all have a nice day :two_hearts:

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Well I’m glad I made you giggle Jenny, as I know for sure they are far and few between these days, I actually laughed at something in the car this week, an out loud laugh and I remember thinking god that’s strange.
We are just so used to being sad, we forgot about the little things in life like laughing, how sad is that.

It’s Tesco for me now, for my £25 weekly shop, which used to be £140 when mike was home, so I don’t miss spending that I must admit.

I hope you get to do something today.
I know the feeling of plenty to do but can’t be bothered to do any of it, that’s me anyway.

Carol x

I think I’ll take a little extra time, thank you for that.

And yes I agree thank you all for the chats this morning, I was very emotional when I woke up, but now I feel a lot better.

So thank you all
Carol x

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Well my trip to Tesco was unsuccessful as it’s shut, I completely forgot it was Easter Sunday :woman_facepalming:t2:
I’m calling it griefbrain now as I think I’ve taken the menopausal brain to a new level :joy:
Carol x

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Absolutely thank you Ladies,
I know there are many of us out there struggling, Kimmielou
Thank you for the mention,

Sending you Everyone lot’s of :sparkling_heart: and :pray: Martin xx

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Hi carol
Just reading down the posts on here and when I read that you were going to Tesco I thought how can that be when the shops are closed today. Then further down came across your post saying you went and it was closed. It gave me a chuckle which was much needed.
I keep losing my car in car parks and wander around feeling stupid looking for it. Now I make sure I take more notice where I park it.
Grief brain is indeed a thing.


Well I’m very Happy that I’ve given you a giggle, As I know there are rare, well for me anyway.
I was frantically looking for the remote control earlier,
I knew it was on the bed as I literally just had it…. Throwing the pillows/mikes scarf /books around, and nope nowhere to be seen.
But I failed to look in my other hand, and there it was :woman_facepalming:t2:
Honestly I really don’t know what is going on in my brain.

Yes giggles are rare aren’t they.
A couple of weeks ago I couldn’t find the garage keys I knew I’d had them a few days earlier.I looked everywhere in all my pockets etc. A few days later I put my fleece on and found them in the pocket :woman_facepalming:
We could write a book about all these things

Hello, yes, it’s my first Easter too. We always bought a gigantic chocolate egg and shared it but I couldn’t get one just for myself, however, after winning a singing competition, (God alone knows how I did it,) won a massive Easter egg! A friend who is a medium told me that my late husband sent it to me! I liked that.
I send love and cwtches ( Welsh hugs ) to you. You’ve got this, you are stronger than you think.:hibiscus:

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@Devonguy1966 just checking in as not seen anything from you? Hope you’re as ok as you can be right now.


Nic xx

@Devonguy1966 sorry for your loss - it’s always the *calendar dates that seem to be the hardest
I hope you got through it ok

How are you Devonguy x

Dear Kimmelou
Your comments had me in tears, but these days it doesn’t take much. My hubby/soul mate of almost 50 years passed on 13 march. It seems like yesterday, vivid visions of the horrific way he died. He was one of the good guys and deserved a peaceful end.
Someone said to me yesterday that people will soon get fed up of me talking about him and that has upset me so much.
I hope that that we both find peace at some point as I’m sure we cannot cope with this level of pain.
I sincerely wish you whatever you wish yourself my lovely.
Take care



@TonnerCharlie57 how awful someone said that to you

Sorry for your loss x

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