Hello Everyone
Thank You all so very much for your kind replies to my post yesterday
Ref 1st Easter without my Beautiful Lucy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I have read them carefully and will reply soon,I’m treating today as just another day,I did buy Lucy 3 Bunches of daffodils yesterday for today Whoops I cut them a bit short,I’m no Charlie Dimmock lol I hope you like the picture,
Weather is gorgeous here,and I’m staying in doors,

Sending you all lots of :sparkling_heart: and :pray: Martin xx

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The daffodils look lovely. Try and have a nice day - you are not alone. We are all struggling this weekend x


Hi Kimmielou
Thank You I hope Lucy love’s them to,
I’m trying to,And I know so many people including yourself who are struggling with this weekend Aswell,it really does break my heart,

I’ve started to wel ap again,
It’s so hard.

Sending you and Everyone Else lot’s of :sparkling_heart: and :pray: Martin xx