Hi Everyone
I’m struggling today another damn bank holiday,God I’m missing Lucy and Suki so very much,I’m trying to treat it as an ordinary day but I can’t seem to get past it, Lucy and me would probably be going to Teighmouth for the day,

Is anybody else struggling as well, of course I know you are, just thought I’d put it out there.

Sending you all lots of :sparkling_heart::pray:
Martin xx xx


@Devonguy1966 hi Martin I’m sorry you are struggling today. Everyday is such a struggle but bank holidays seem to make it harder. Thinking of the things we would be doing. We are all here for you my friend and my thoughts are with you. Take care of yourself love and hugs casey xxx

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I’m with you on bank holidays, sending hugs :hugs: Debbie X


Totally agree. Weekends are hard but an extra day of weekend even harder. Xx

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I feel exactly like you Martin. Sending hugs x