Morning Everyone
God what a night tossing and turning,so many thoughts going through my head,The flashbacks from Lucy’s last 10 days home with me and the very last hours,I was crying, banging my head with my fissts like beating on a drum,It really shook me,I so much wish she was here with me just for a couple of hours more I had so much more to say,I know again I’m beating myself up inside,it will pass, Another bank holiday is upon us

And an extra day today, ok i respect HM QUEEN ELIZABETH 11
I Am a patriot,God Bless Her.

It just makes it so much longer for us don’t you think,

I’m determined to get back on track I have set out a goal in front of me,and as soon as I have had my heart bypass surgery and back home, the long hard fight begins,I will win this 100% for Lucy’s sake and for mine

I know she wants me to win this and I’m not going to let her or myself down.

I’m sending you all my love and prayers as we all go through this journey together

Take one day at a time

Love you all
Martin xx


Hi, you sound more positive and getting back to 100% is an excellent goal. Just keep yourself in shape as much as you can between now and the operation.
Yes it will feel a long weekend but hope you have something planned to look forward to.
Sending love and blessings. S xx


Hi Susie123
Thank you for your kind words
I’m going to do all I can to get back on track,My heart attacks were a wake up call, From my beautiful Lucy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I know this in my heart that she saved me,the paramedics said 5 more minutes I wouldn’t be here, Even though I didn’t call 999 someone was watching over you,later I explained this to them at the hospital, They both agreed it was a sign,So I’m having that,it’s going to be a long road ahead after Heart bypass surgery coming very soon :crossed_fingers::pray:
Alas Susie nothing is planned for this long bank holiday weekend,We have to stay in the ward, just in case, I’ve got a big word search puzzle magazine to keep me company and a couple of games on my phone, Great bank holiday weekend eh NOT lol

I hope that you are doing the best you can and get out and get some fresh air

Sending you all lots of :sparkling_heart: and :pray:
Martin xx

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Oh dear, I didn’t realise you were in hospital but I hope they are looking after you well. Keep smiling and I hope you get your heart bypass soon. The fly pass over Buckingham palace was fantastic and to see all those people in London means life is returning. S xx

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Good to hear you so positive after the rough time you’ve had. Hope your op and recovery goes well