Hi Everyone
I’m sorry I haven’t replied to your replies reference the poems I regularly put up, they are what I and hundreds of thousands of you feel the same and I’m so very glad that you all can relate to these Beutifull poems :kissing_heart::hugs:

I will continue to find and post some of the best ones that I find for us all.

Thursday 16th June 2021

Update for all our lovely friends on here.

Still no news as to when I am having my heart bypass surgery Plymouth,

Everything is stable with me apart from the low blood pressure, told to drink plenty of water,I feel and look like a whale :joy::joy:

How much I’ve drank in 21 days probably Olympic size swimming pool,:grimacing:

I’m putting on weight,

Another weekend is coming up for us all again, bloody hate them as do you,

You are all I’m my heart and mind, always thinking about you,

Try to do the best you can, Everyone is Here for everyone

Lot’s of :sparkling_heart: and :pray: to you Martin xx


Thank you for the update. I do hope you get a date for surgery very soon.

Take care.


Martin, how love to hear from you and I love the Olympic swimming pool and the whale, you haven’t lost your sense of humour. Think of Saturday being Tuesday and Sunday Thursday then there’s no weekend. Yes just a little bit crazy. Keep posting. S xxx