Hello Everyone
I have not forsaken you,I’m slowly recovering in emmense pain mentally and physically but I’ll be with you all soon

Another weekend amongst us I hate it

Sending you all lots of love and hugs :kissing_heart:

Be strong we are all in the same boat

I have read your Beutifull messages to me,

I’ve read the heartache of new friends in search of help and answers on here,We are all with you

I just haven’t got the strength to answer/reply at the moment

Please forgive me

Martin xx


@Devonguy1966 hi Martin no need to be sorry. I’m sorry you are in so much pain mentally and physically. I’m glad you are recovering. Just take it easy and get better. You have been through so much. Take care love and hugs xxx

Lovely to hear from you Martin, just take things slowly and get lots of rest.
Love Debbie X