9 Months Today

I Ordered Some Fresh Rose’s and Flowers For My Beutifull Lucy Today

I Love And Miss You So Very Much
I Hope You Like Them :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::cold_sweat::broken_heart::candle:

Always Yours
Love Martin xx


There beautiful Martin just keep her memory alive that’s all we can do now for our loved ones .xx

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Beautiful, just so beautiful :broken_heart::heart:

Hi Martin, the flowers are beautiful and it’s nice to see you are back home again surrounded by your lovely Lucy.
Take things slowly and look after yourself.
Love Debbie X

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Hi Martin,
I am sure she loves them, they are beautiful.
My Ca’ loved lillies so I make sure there are some in the house.
Happy memories.
Sending love
Joe x

Lucy will know the flowers are there Martin and will love them as she’ll still love you.
Look after yourself, we’re all thinking of you
Janey xx

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Hi Martin

Those flowers are beautiful, I particularly like the yellow roses, I’ve just planted a yellow rose bush in memory of my wife Linda. I’m doing a memory garden for her, and this is the first thing I have planted, unfortunately she didn’t have a favourite flower she liked them all.

Take care buddy, Barry

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