Hello Everyone
Just A Quick Update I’m Struggling After The Triple Heart Bypass
Inflammation In The Left Leg
Breathlessness Is A Big Problem
Mood Swings Memory Loss Which Is Common

I Haven’t Seen A GP Since Coming Out Of Hospital 26th June Impossible To Get An Appointment
Face To Face.

I’m Totally Alone Depression Is Creeping Back Missing My Beutifull Lucy So Very Much 10 Months On The 20th August Feels Like Yesterday I’m In A Lot Of Pain Chest Wise I Have An Appointment Tomorrow ICU Torbay Hospital I Made The Contact Due To Ill Health At 11am Tomorrow Who Will Give Me A Full Mot ECG Blood’s Etc

I Hope That You Are All Doing The Best You Can Out There,It’s So Damn Hard I’m Always Thinking About You All I Read All Your Lovely Messages Thank You So Very Much

I’ll Keep You Updated

Lot’s Of :sparkling_heart: And :hugs:

Martin xx xx


Oh so sorry to here you are having a difficult time I really hope your hospital appt is successfull I have found contacting 111 have been good at offering support getting a gps appt is a nightmare thinking and wishing you well xx

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Hello Martin,
Sorry to read of your added problems. It is impossible here to see a GP too. Please do not feel you are alone. We are all rooting for you. Keep posting and updating on this site. Hope all goes well tomorrow.
Thinking of you x

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Hi Martin, strange I was just thinking about you and wondering how you were getting on.
Sorry you have not been feeling so good, doctors appointments are difficult to get, especially face to face. I joined patient access at my surgery, so I can book my own appointments to suit me. So useful if your GP does that.
But now you have your hospital appointment tomorrow it should put your mind at rest and far as your health is concerned.
You’ve been through such alot over the last few weeks, I’m not surprised your feeling depressed. It’s when you miss your lovely Lucy the most when your not well and just wishing she was still at your side. She is still looking out for you, and always will.
It is lovely to hear from you and you are always in my thoughts and prayers. :pray:
Sending love :heart: and hope you continue to recover and get back to full health. Take things slowly and look after yourself.
Debbie X

Sorry you are still having problems. Like people on here have said it’s no wonder you are feeling depressed having these health issues on top of dealing with your grief.
Hope your appointment goes well tomorrow and you start feeling better soon xx

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Hi Martin, I often wonder how you are and feel so sorry that things are not brilliant. Keep us informed because we are all here for you. Sending love and blessings S xxx

Hi Martin
Sorry to hear your not feeling well. All a bit of an overload when suffering from grief also.
Don’t bother with a GP if your not well bypass them and go straight to A&E, much quicker.
Love Pat xxx