Hi Everyone :wave::blush:
Update for you yesterday I went to the hospital ICU at 11am I have an infection in my left leg where they took the artery on antibiotics so hopefully they will do the trick

I’m still losing weight they don’t know why waiting for an appointment to see a neutriconist if you know what I mean, ECG and CT scan a little bit worrying irregular heartbeat so now on new medication had full blood’s taken should get the results tomorrow,

I’m struggling I really am I’ve told them that and they are very concerned I’m going backwards I’m not eating much and sleeping is here and there they have contacted my GP urgently because I am alone and don’t have anyone I shouldn’t have been discharged on 26th June from hospital with no help at home etc they are not happy with the GP no face to face appointment I’ve been left out

My mind is constantly thinking about Lucy I’m always talking to her telling her that I love and miss you so very much, I bought fresh rose’s and flowers on Tuesday for yesterday the dreaded Wednesday
The Pink rose’s smell gorgeous

I’m so lonely all the time Beutifull weather and we would be out and about I don’t want to go anywhere or enjoy the weather

The weekend is coming I hate the weekends I’m glad when it’s gone to be honest with you.

Thank You so much for all your lovely messages they make me smile to know you are out there thinking of me,and I too am thinking about you all on this nightmare of a journey we are all on together

I hope you are all doing the best you can God it’s so friken hard

Sending you all my love and hugs :sparkling_heart::hugs:

Martin xx xx


Hi Martin, it’s good to hear your getting your health problems sorted, and your GP is getting a rocket for not getting support for you when you got home.
Just take it easy and rest, and accept all the help you are offered. Lucy is very proud of you.
The flowers are beautiful, and you take care of yourself.
Sending love and prayers
Debbie X

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Even though I lost my beautiful father some 6 months ago I empathise totally with your apathy…Best wishes and a speedy recovery,