Ain’t That The Truth :cold_sweat::broken_heart::rose::pray:xx

It’s The Same For Us All


I thought it would get easier as time went on…I am now 6 months in and still struggling!


17 months on still the same :heart:


Hello RR2

I am also six months in and struggling also. Not getting any easier just getting more unbearable.x


3.5 years and I can still be reduced to that wrenching sobbing I felt in the early days
It’s less often but it can still hurt just as strongly
I miss the person more than I could ever have imagined & think about them every day
My thoughts are with you all and thank you for sharing it helps


2 years and two months and I am still the same too. I put on a good face, have sorted out stuff to do and on the surface, I am ‘over it’.
Well, I don’t think I ever will be, but I will carry on trying to cope. That’s all I can do!


Almost 3 years and I still have flash backs of the day it happened. i still feel as if I can’t catch my breath when I think of it

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Hi Martin,
Hope you are still doing okay and getting stronger everyday.
Thinking of you and your Lucy as always.
Debbie X

Wow! that sums it all up Devonguy… Wish we could all wave a magic wand and stop the feelings as they are unbearable at times, I imagine this is the price we pay for loving and being loved, but what a price my friends. Can’t believe it’s another boring Sunday to try and fill with pointless activities. Sorry for the whinge but feel really fed up today Love Jenny x