How true. My friends all said at the funeral if I want anything they are only on the end of a phone, well I tested that the other day I needed help and not one of them would come and help all to busy.


So true. I find it’s the friends and relatives who surprise me with the lack of support. One friend who lost her husband in similar circumstances to me has let me down on several occasions, and also my own brother, who only lives 5 minutes away. He said he would help me with a couple of jobs in the house. That was 4 months ago. Hardly ever see him. It’s always me that ends up phoning him. Doesn’t even ask if I’m okay. So upsetting. Life is hard enough as it is .

So true. One of my neighbours has always said don’t hesitate to ask if you need anything. Well I did a few days ago as my car wouldn’t start. He couldn’t get away quick enough and it was obvious he didn’t want to help.
My daughter was visiting at the time and she couldn’t understand how upset I got. I tried to explain that too many people had let me down since her dad passed away but it fell on deaf ears. I ended up crying and we argued and all because I’d asked someone to help……

Why is this life so hard?

Julie x

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