When you spend thousands of £ on your loved ones funeral

Discuss what they would want

Who does it benefit, funeral a wake
Lots of friends and family mourners you haven’t seen for many years.

Oh what a lovely send off ,

Always here for you.

Absolute rubbish

You face the rest of your life in the dark.

That’s a fact


There was only eight of us at my husband’s service.
No false friends or relatives that we hadn’t seen in years – or since.
We each wrote an individual memory of him which the celebrant read out.
Some funny, some sad but very personal.

G. X


My husband had already left his wishes of no expense or false attendees at his funeral so there was just me and a handful of very close friends there. It was a private service and I am grateful that he made that decision as it spared me a lot of heartache
Jen x


Hi Jen64
Thank you for sharing with us your husband was very wise,Bless him
I’m sorry for your loss
Sending you lots of love and hugs xx

I had 3 prodigal brothers who didn’t give a Sh** for years turn up acting woe is me, put on great performances for themselve, never offered a penny towards any expenses or a thanks for sacrificing 25 years of my life so they had no responsibility or care but I do believe in karma and the law of the universe.
Be proud of doing the right thing abs being there for your loved one, as painful and frustrating as it was, you were there and there’s a bigger picture for people like us, we’ll find out when we get to the ultimate place and see our precious loved ones again :heart:

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