Hi Everyone
I’m back after a 7 day suspension
Hoping you are all doing the best you can

Does it get easier, Not on your nelly


@Devonguy1966 welcome back Martin. It’s good to have you back. X


Hi Casey1
God Bless You my friend I’ve had to come back
You have always been here for me
As I am for you and everyone


Dear Martin, so glad that you are back. As Casey has posted it’s good to have you back. x


Hi jack10
Really do appreciate your kind words my friend,I do hope that you are doing the best you can, this will be my second Christmas without my beautiful Lucy again I’m dreading it.

I have messaged Casey 1

Sending you all my best wishes Jack

Martin xx

Thank you Martin for your reply. This will be my third Christmas with out my husband I am dreading it also I miss my husband so much to be honest I dread every day with out him.
Sending you all my best wishes too Martin.
Helena x


Hi Helena
It’s bloody hard isn’t it, Sorry to read the loss of your husband and it’s your 3rd Christmas without him,
I know exactly how you feel,I really am lost without my beautiful Lucy every second of every day I’m constantly whacking my brain could I have done more for her,did I do this do that right I burst out in tear’s several times a day Cancer is so cruel
And it makes me so angry,Why my beautiful Lucy all I see are Christmas adverts on TV they bring a huge lump in my throat and start tearing up,

Sending my love to you and prayers
Martin xx

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@jack10 @Devonguy1966 hi Helena hi Martin it will be my second Christmas without pauline and I’m dreading it. I’m so tired of all the Christmas adverts and Christmas songs playing everywhere. I treat Christmas as just another day I have to get through now. There is no joy in anything withouther here with me. Everyday is such a struggle for us all. At least here we all understand and have eachother for support. Take care my friends. Love and hugs xxx


Hi Casey1
Sorry I haven’t been on here much,and that I missed your reply,had a few dark day’s,
Sorry to hear that this will be your second Christmas without your beautiful Pauline,I to am dreading my second Christmas without my beautiful Lucy,I totally agree with you I can’t stand all the damn Christmas songs,adverts,shop fronts all dressed up for Christmas it makes me want to be sick physically my friend,
I am exactly the same as you Christmas day etc will be just another day in our Existence Casey, spot on no joy without the ladies we love and miss so very much, Every day is a struggle 100% eating and sleeping is still a problem here,

Indeed at least here everyone here knows what we are all going through,
And support eachother throughout our long journey
Sending you lots of :sparkling_heart: and :pray: my friend

Take Care Stay safe